Monday, October 22, 2012

Expensive mobile and The odd life of Timothy green

why buy an expensive mobile?
I asked myself a question , why should i buy an expensive mobile?
When i already have a computer?
What do I need to do with my mobile which is not possible with computer?

I will watch this movie 
anyways ,,, i watched a trailer of this movie "The odd life of Timothy green"

One couple was trying to conceive but due to some reason they couldn't so they wrote their wishes on a piece of paper and burried it ...

The next day  or maybe 9 months later ;)  a boy was born in the mud ... strange huh?

well the trailer was very interesting , i am planing to watch this movie tomorrow ....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ivory coast , Pakistani soldiers and International Security Agency idea

When i was travelling through Kenya Airways to Ivory coast.
I met 35 Pakistani soldiers in Nairobi airport going to ivory coast on
UN mission.
There are 2000 Pakistani soldiers in Ivory coast. At the time of
Musharraf UN requested 15000 soldiers from Pakistan Army but Musharraf
refused on the grounds of lack of soldiers , then Bangladesh sent its
Local people like Pakistani soldiers in Ivory Coast.
I wonder there are thousands of armed men in tribal areas ,
former freedom fighters, and Army soldiers,one can  get them trained by Army ,thus bringing them in strict discipline
This can help create jobs in these law less areas and help reduce extremism.
Top leadership of this agency should be Army personals and highly educated people.

Kashif Islam