Thursday, February 27, 2014

forensic frustration

I am doing Masters in computer Engineering,
During class i find it extremely frustrating that even after studying that subject it won't add any commercial value to my set of skills.
I still keep quiet in front of my teachers due to their respect.
But something is pinching me inside what is the use of studying this subject?
How will it benefit me in future?
Anyways i am continuing hoping it will be useful someday ....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Courage to speak truth infront of authority

My favorite commentator and political activist Cenk

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Electronic Voting

I wish next elections should be done by SMS .

It should be possible to do so ... This will save huge costs and money.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Expensive mobile and The odd life of Timothy green

why buy an expensive mobile?
I asked myself a question , why should i buy an expensive mobile?
When i already have a computer?
What do I need to do with my mobile which is not possible with computer?

I will watch this movie 
anyways ,,, i watched a trailer of this movie "The odd life of Timothy green"

One couple was trying to conceive but due to some reason they couldn't so they wrote their wishes on a piece of paper and burried it ...

The next day  or maybe 9 months later ;)  a boy was born in the mud ... strange huh?

well the trailer was very interesting , i am planing to watch this movie tomorrow ....

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ivory coast , Pakistani soldiers and International Security Agency idea

When i was travelling through Kenya Airways to Ivory coast.
I met 35 Pakistani soldiers in Nairobi airport going to ivory coast on
UN mission.
There are 2000 Pakistani soldiers in Ivory coast. At the time of
Musharraf UN requested 15000 soldiers from Pakistan Army but Musharraf
refused on the grounds of lack of soldiers , then Bangladesh sent its
Local people like Pakistani soldiers in Ivory Coast.
I wonder there are thousands of armed men in tribal areas ,
former freedom fighters, and Army soldiers,one can  get them trained by Army ,thus bringing them in strict discipline
This can help create jobs in these law less areas and help reduce extremism.
Top leadership of this agency should be Army personals and highly educated people.

Kashif Islam


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blasphemy Law

Here is an interesting part of conversation between me and My_Best_Friend.

ME: Do you think the killer of Salman Taseer was justified to kill him?

My_Best_Friend: Yes because Governor said the blasphemy law a black law.

ME : Is this reason enough to kill him? Even after he said that he is talking about a MAN MADE LAW not about Holy Prophet PBUH and he can never even imagine to talk against Holy Prophet.I agree with Salman Taseer that this "MAN MADE LAW" can be changed and indeed it seems to be proven to be a widely misused law.

My_Best_Friend : Don't poke your nose in the matters you don't have grip upon.May be your words make you 'Atheist (Kafir)' and you don't know,just follow what Relitious Scholars say.If you cannot help them at least don't oppose them.

ME: Yar i am a part of this society and i cannot remain silent about injustice and a crime done in the name of religion.I cannot BLINDLY FOLLOW religions scholars.Allah has given me mind to ponder upon.If i see something wrong i will raise my voice against it.I never liked ST but now he is my hero.

My_Best_Friend: You are going mad

ME: OK my best friend tell me what will you say if i come to you and claim that i am a Prophet?

My_Best_Friend: I will shoot you!!!

ME: WOW Wonderful ...wouldn't you check if i am in my senses?
if i am not drugged or intoxicated?
and who has given you the authority to shoot me?
Isn't it the authority of state?


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Arrow Inception : what an imagination

Last Night i watched a movie named arrow inception.
It was a wonderful and though provoking movie.
If Allah's creature can come up with such an intuitive idea what Allah will be capable of creating in Heaven 
I have heard a Hadith that in Heaven the most common person's will be provided space ten times compared to earth.