Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blasphemy Law

Here is an interesting part of conversation between me and My_Best_Friend.

ME: Do you think the killer of Salman Taseer was justified to kill him?

My_Best_Friend: Yes because Governor said the blasphemy law a black law.

ME : Is this reason enough to kill him? Even after he said that he is talking about a MAN MADE LAW not about Holy Prophet PBUH and he can never even imagine to talk against Holy Prophet.I agree with Salman Taseer that this "MAN MADE LAW" can be changed and indeed it seems to be proven to be a widely misused law.

My_Best_Friend : Don't poke your nose in the matters you don't have grip upon.May be your words make you 'Atheist (Kafir)' and you don't know,just follow what Relitious Scholars say.If you cannot help them at least don't oppose them.

ME: Yar i am a part of this society and i cannot remain silent about injustice and a crime done in the name of religion.I cannot BLINDLY FOLLOW religions scholars.Allah has given me mind to ponder upon.If i see something wrong i will raise my voice against it.I never liked ST but now he is my hero.

My_Best_Friend: You are going mad

ME: OK my best friend tell me what will you say if i come to you and claim that i am a Prophet?

My_Best_Friend: I will shoot you!!!

ME: WOW Wonderful ...wouldn't you check if i am in my senses?
if i am not drugged or intoxicated?
and who has given you the authority to shoot me?
Isn't it the authority of state?


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  1. I've liked your post. Last year I was voluntarily delivering a presentation on Role of Beliefs in our Lives to a group of school teachers in Wazirabad and somehow this matter related to Blasphemy Law came under discussion. I guess with one exception most of the teachers were not sure that incidents such as killing of Salman Taseer are justified or not and there was one teacher who was so furious against my stance that she, without any arguments, kept on insisting that people accused in such cases were rightly killed. The one who were for my view didn’t say anything (she was afraid I think) and rest of the teachers who were confused and not sure that what their opinion should be also kept silent. Now apply this attitude to our whole society where educated class have been so busy in improving their economic conditions that they never found time or interest to dig the truths.